Violence and Abuse in the Workplace Training Course

For a company to be most effective in achieving its goals it relies on its staff to work efficiently and to the best of their ability. Staff cannot work efficiently if they are working in an environment in which they feel threatened or not valued. Staff who are victims of abuse (verbal or physical) or are under the threat of violence from other employees, management or clients will undoubtedly experience poor job satisfaction. This experience will lead to a drop in the quality of their work, in productivity, and ultimately profitability for the company.

To value employees and develop good inter-employee relations is without a doubt the best way of getting the most out of staff. A good team will be able to overcome all obstacles and work together to ensure the teams success and as a result the organisation’s success. An organisation’s workforce is its greatest asset; it can be its greatest strength or its greatest weakness. It is up to the company to decide which it will be.

If this is not incentive enough a company can also consider the following: a company who has not taken practical steps to protect its staff opens itself up to high-staff turnover (and all the costs that go with it) and possibly even expensive litigation. Companies have a legal obligation to prevent discrimination, abuse and violence in the workplace, it implement policies regarding these and to train their staff on how to avoid and handle abuse and violence in the workplace. We can help you do just that.


  • Understanding violence, abuse and bullying
  • Avoiding violence and abuse in the workplace
  • Preventing violence and abuse
  • Dealing with violence and abuse should it arise.


  • Assessing a company's risk
  • Policies and policy implementation
  • Identifying abuse and possible sources of violence in the workforce
  • Preventing abuse and violence
  • Reporting abuse and violence in the proper manner
  • Valuing all employees
  • Practical implications of violence and abuse on employees

We can help develop a company’s team, improve job satisfaction, nurture health inter-relational skills and help ensure that the team works together for the success of all involved.