Effective Time Management

In today’s world time is a valuable commodity. Productivity, effectiveness and ultimately success all hinge on the same factor: time management. With more and more demands being placed on employees, the employee who can manage time most effectively will always be the most successful. Employees who manage their time effectively, save their employers money, give a more valuable service, all without being a burden on their workplace. This course can help those who wish to gain the most from their valuable time and improve every aspect of their lives.


  • To gain an understanding of effective time management
  • To gain the skills necessary to prioritize
  • To gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop schedules
  • To gain the skills necessary to save time on a day-to-day basis



  • Introduction to Time Management
  • Psychology of Time Management
  • Mastering Time Through Goals
  • Time Planning
  • Systems of Prioritizing
  • Using MS Outlook
  • Saving Time When Dealing With Others
  • Delegation and Time Management
  • How to Say No!
  • Developing Effective Work Habits
  • Organisation Skills
  • Defeating Procrastination
  • Practical Time Management Tools