Multicultural Workforce Training

As our country is experiencing major immigration which is effecting the general demographic so our work forces are changing. While this brings with it great advantages which promise to help keep inflation down, improve the skill level of our work forces and keep our country competitive, it does bring with it challenges. Our Multi-cultural workforce training programmes and courses are designed to assist modern organisations to manage their multi-cultural work forces. We have courses focused on managing a multi-cultural workforce, working within a multi-cultural workforce, customer service training for non-national employees, implementing policies, and understanding an organisation’s legal responsibilities.


Managing a Multicultural Workforce

Managing diversity is fast becoming a commercial and economic imperative. Until fairly recently, Managing Diversity was widely understood as essentially a social justice and ethics issue. Today, Managing Diversity is equally a matter of good business and financial sense as it is social responsibility.

While staff need to understand and abide by the culture of the organisation and community they work in and for, staff cannot be expected to change there cultural background completely so as to fit into the corporate environment. It is therefore important for all managers and employees to understand the different cultures and the ways in which these cultures interact within an organisation. Managers should aim to ensure that staff understand the culture of their new workplace and are aware of the agency's core values and business objectives. They should also recognise and value the knowledge and new perspectives of staff and consider how this can contribute to the agency's goals.

Managing diversity will help attract and retain the best staff, enhance productivity and performance and ensure access to the widest range of ideas in production, marketing, administration and distribution in so making the company an employer of choice.

Company Assessment

Do you know where your company stands with regard to its diversity situation? If you need an in depth analysis we can help. We analysis companies individually and understand that they are unique. We look for diversity issues, current and future concerns, possible threats to your organisation and potential diversity hazards. We can investigate a companies situation fully in regard to its diversity needs and advise your on how best to avoid conflict and liability. Once we have carried out an assessment we can make recommendations on how best to improve staff productivity, bolster corporate image, increase job satisfaction, minimize conflicts and maximize profitability.

Policies and implementation

A policy is a declaration of intent. It is the verbal declaration of a company’s intent to act/behave in a certain manner. A policy shows those within the company as well as those who deal with the company what values the organisation holds and how it intends to uphold those values. A policy ensures a safe, organised, empowering and non-discriminatory environment. The first step for any organisation to take when employing a diverse workforce is to implement a policy of equality.

Griffin Training can help a company to implement such a policy. We can assist your organisation identify key values, goals and objectives which are in line with your organisation’s unique attributes. We can choose a policy that fits into your company’s structure and how best to help you implement this policy.

For a policy to have maximum benefit all those involved need to understand the policy fully and be aware of its implications. Once we have identified a unique policy for your company we can assist your organisation to implement it effectively. We can help your organisation inform its member, customers, staff and other key players.


Sometimes, no matter how hard a company tries to avoid conflict and value all employees equally, tension and conflict can still arise. When this happens often employees feel that their supervisors and managers do not understand their concerns while managers and supervisors struggle to communicate with employees in order to resolve conflict.

Griffin Training can be a valuable asset during these times.  Our trained mediators understand the complexities of inter-cultural communication. We understand that what is most important to companies is that their workforce works to its full potential and as a team, while employees want to be understood and valued. Sometimes the only way to reach this point is mediation.

Employees sometimes respond better to unbiased third parties who are brought in to solve conflict. Through dialogue and a unique understanding of different cultures our mediators can assist your company to calm situations, put employees concerns to rest and return a workforce or employee to the productive tasks they are employed to perform.