Interviewing, Selecting and Retaining Talent Training Course

The strength of an organisation is measured in the strength of its workforce.  Therefore the human capital of an organisation is of vital importance. This course is aimed at assisting companies to build human capital effectively. By training human resource staff on the practicalities of interview, selecting and retaining talent a company ensures the future strength of its workforce. This course focuses on the interviewing process, including the legalities of interview staff, the criteria a company should use on when selecting staff and how best to retain Staff.


  • To fully understand the importance of Staff Capital
  • To fully grasp the legalities of the interview process
  • To develop the skills necessary to interview potential staff
  • To develop criteria necessary to select staff
  • To understand what is necessary to retain staff


  • The Workforce as Staff Capital
  • The Employment Process
  • The objectives and Aims of Interviewing
  • The Legalities of Interviewing Staff
  • Conducting an Interview
  • Developing Criteria Necessary to Select Staff
  • Retaining and Building on Staff Capital