Conflict Handling and Resolution Skills Training Course

Whenever people work together conflict is sure to ensue. As individuals we all have different views about the world we live in and interact with. As issues arise in the workplace and individual interact misunderstandings, disagreement and differences of opinion may cause conflict. Conflict, although a natural part of the workforce, has the potential to be detrimental to the organisation. Therefore, if an organisation is to thrive it needs to be able to handle conflict. While the forms and reasons for conflicts differ, there are still basic principles common to all conflicts. The aim and purpose of this course is to assist participants to identify possible causes of conflict, key conflict denominators, barriers to resolutions and possible solutions. Participants should understand the stages of conflict and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to put conflict resolutions in place.


  • To understand common causes of conflict
  • To understand the stages of conflict
  • To gain the skills necessary to resolve conflict


  • An Introduction to Conflict
  • Common Causes of Conflict
  • Conflict Denominators
  • Stages of Conflict
  • Barriers to Conflict
  • Overcoming Barriers to Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Skills