Assertiveness Training Course

Being assertive does is not as simple as simply asserting ones rights. It is a tool used in modern business for successful interaction with staff and clients. It is the ability to expresses ones views in the proper manner without fear or anxiety in order to obtain a desired goal. This course is aimed at understanding the nature of assertiveness, at developing assertive habits with clear goals in mind and avoiding negative assertive behaviour.


  • To understand the true nature of assertiveness
  • To overcome feelings of fear and anxiety which can prevent assertiveness
  • To use assertive behaviour correctly


  • Defining Assertiveness
  • The Root of Assertiveness
  • Factors that Inhibit Assertiveness
  • Combating Feelings of Fear and Anxiety
  • Strategies to Develop Personal Assertiveness
  • Assertiveness Techniques
  • Physical Assertiveness
  • Physiological Assertiveness
  • Assertive Communication
    • Verbal
    • Non-verbal
    • Assertive Listening Skills
  • Assessing when to be Assertive